Welcome to HSCP Share

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”

Margaret J Wheatley, Author & Speaker

A very warm welcome to HSCPshare.com, a new format for connecting Health and Social Care Professionals (HSCP) with one another, all 16,000 of us throughout the Health Services!

Set up by the HSE’s National HSCP Office, we hope this new format will add to our existing communications, helping to share information and learning from within and outside the HSCP community.

The HSCP Share Blog has been in the planning process for a little while and special thanks to the HSCP Communications Advisory Group and the eHealth HSCP Advisory Group for their invaluable assistance.

The process was somewhat accelerated in the past fortnight, though, as we found ourselves in extraordinary times, dealing with the new reality of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Very quickly, it became clear that now is the time for sharing and inspiration, while we deal with unprecedented challenges which require new thinking and approaches.

Our five main aims for this blog are to:

  • Share knowledge and promote organisational learning
  • Hear points of view from HSCP and other HCPs in practice, academia and management
  • Assist in developing networks of practice
  • Raise visibility of HSCP service impacts and consider opportunities for further impact
  • Enable collective dialogue

You can follow the blog by going to www.HSCPshare.com and adding your email address to the ‘Follow’ box.

We’re also on twitter – @WeHSCPs. Please do follow, share and contribute – this is your opportunity to showcase your work, its impact and to learn from others.

– Jackie Reed, National HSCP Lead

Do you need information and advice on COVID-19? Go to www.hse.ie/coronavirus

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