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Reflecting on the past year or so and the future for Health and Social Care Professions

When I initially drafted this blog it was just coming up to a month on from our successful launch of HSCP Deliver – A Strategic Guidance Framework for Health and Social Care Professions 2021 – 2026, and I was focussing on moving forward with implementation. We were delighted to have been joined by 635 peopleContinue reading “Reflecting on the past year or so and the future for Health and Social Care Professions”

Taking Our TEAM from Transactional to Collaborative

Working together as an integrated team, HSCPs (Health and Social Care Professionals) can achieve immediate meaningful change for patients by collaboratively influencing and shaping improvements in our services. As the Senior Speech and Language Therapist in the Acute Stroke Team, I was acutely aware of the life changing impact early intervention from HSCPs has onContinue reading “Taking Our TEAM from Transactional to Collaborative”

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