Do you have a story you would like to tell on HSCP Share? Well, we’d love to hear from you. Here are some useful tips for Bloggers as you create content to share …

Content—in line with the blog aims, we welcome content about clinical practice, research, leadership/management and learning/development from the HSCP community and other interested parties. Every effort will be made to achieve a mix of blogs over time -from different disciplines, care settings, stakeholders—to optimise  engagement with our diverse HSCP workforce

Audience—the blog is primarily intended for health care professionals but may be accessed by the public on social media platforms

Word Count— approximately 600 words is ideal. For longer blogs, why not consider a series of blogs?

Style a blog is usually conversational in style and tone and jargon should be avoided

Images—images, charts and graphs are a helpful way to connect with your readers and make information more accessible. We also need a photo of you to include with your blog!

Permissions—be sure to secure permission for use of images as well as line manager and senior support if writing on behalf of a team/identifying your team in the blog

Questions –if you would like to pose a question to your readers, invite them to answer at the end of the blog or via the twitter post

Contact details—please include your contact details to allow readers to connect with you. A twitter handle or email address will be fine.

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